TWO WEEK SEDUCTION by Kathy Lyons … release day!

Entangled Publishing

She’s going to break all of his rules…

Tech Sergeant John O’Donnell was never fond of his hometown. Too many reminders of poverty, his rocky family life, and the girl he was never allowed to have. Now he has exactly two weeks to sort out his mother’s finances […]

Winners for the July Query or 1st Page Workshop!

We have winners for our July workshop with the Pitch Wars mentors. I’ve pick 55 names instead of 40!! If your name is on the list, please send in your query or 1st page to right away (no later than Monday, June 30 at 8AM Eastern Time). If you […]

Pitch Wars … the mentor list!


What is Pitch Wars, you ask? Pitch Wars is a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or industry interns choose one writer each, read their entire manuscript, and offer suggestions to shine it up for agents. The mentors also critique the writer’s pitch to get it ready for the agent round. Mentors also pick […]

Guest Post … Trisha Leaver & Lindsay Currie talk CREED and offer you a free read of SILO!

With the release date of CREED rapidly approaching, Trisha and I have been fielding questions about what our co-authored voice sounds like, how psychologically twisted our collective mind is, and do I need to read all of your co-authored pieces with the lights on?

Rather than simply answer those questions, we thought we’d take […]

I have a huge announcement!

So, something crazy and wonderful and beyond amazing happened today! And it made me squeal and dance around the house!

I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful congratulations on Twitter and Facebook that I made a slobbery mess of my face.

July Query or First Page Workshop … sign up now!

I’m holding a query or first page (your choice) workshop with our wonderful Pitch Wars mentors during the month of July! They’ll critique your work and help you shine up that query or 1st page.

We have 40 spots (if not more) available. All you have to do is […]

Vacation time … and workshop announcement!

I’ll be on vacation June 10 to June 18, and when I come back, I’ll announce a workshop coming up in July! It’ll be for either queries or first pages. If you have a preference, leave it in the comments of this post.


Bloghop – My Writing Process

I’ve been so lucky to be tagged by the great and powerful Erica M. Chapman to participate in the MMy Writing Process Bloghop. You can find her blog here and twitter here.

For this bloghop I’m going to answer a few questions and then tag three of my friends to do […]

Another Pitch Wars Success Story … Tobie Easton!

The best part of the contests for us around here is when we hear about successes. Today we are so happy to have Tobie Easton and her Pitch Wars mentor, Skylar Dorset, here for a little Q and A. Tobie recently signed with Jennifer Unter with The Unter Agency. So as […]