PRAEFATIO by Georgia McBride … blog tour, giveaway, and interview!

I’m thrilled to host the talented Georgia McBride today for her PRAEFATIO blog tour. Check out the beautiful cover! This book promises to be a scary thrill ride.

PRAEFATIO by Georgia McBride Publication Date: May 21st, 2013 ISBN-13: 978-0-9882513-7-3

ISBN eBook: 978-0-9882513-8-0


Seventeen-year-old Grace Ann Miller is no […]

The Writers Voice Contest Entries for Team Brenda … here we go!

“The Writer’s Voice” is a multi-blog, multi-agent contest hosted by Cupid of Cupid’s Literary Connection, Brenda Drake of Brenda Drake Writes, Mónica B.W. of Love YA, and Krista Van Dolzer of Mother. Write. (Repeat). We based the contest on NBC’s singing reality show The Voice, so the four of us selected projects for […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Brenda #1 – REFRACTION

Genre: YA Thriller Word count: 54,000Query: Pretending to be someone else has its difficulties. Seventeen-year-old Prism Chase thought it would be fun until the game turns deadly. She has exactly forty-eight hours to stop her charades and come clean about who she really is or people will die.After she witnesses the murder of […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Brenda #2 – FOLLOW ME HOME

Genre:Contemporary YA Word Count: 67,000

Query: 16-year-old Kelsey knows kidnapping’s a crime. But helping someone escape is a whole different story. When Kelsey’s house burns down, her family loses everything. Someone has to pay, and Kelsey’s sure it should be Jay – the boy she caught breaking into her house just days […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Brenda #3 – HARVESTER

Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy Word count: 60,000 Query:Sixteen-year-old Catalina Bramson has never seen the sky. As a mage, it’s illegal for her to leave the underground city she lives in. But when Catalina stumbles upon a tunnel leading to the surface, she can’t resist the temptation.

Expecting to enjoy a night […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Brenda #4 – COPERNICUS NERDICUS

Genre: Middle Grade Adventure Word Count: 54,000 Query: Thirteen-year-old gamer, Copernicus ‘Nic’ Wilhelm, has one chance to win fifty thousand dollars and prevent his dad from losing his laboratory to the devious inventor, Geoffrey Zorn–The Digital Zone video game tournament. But when Geoffrey Zorn unveils a new virtual gaming console called […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Brenda #5 – UNDER THE MIDNIGHT SUN

Genre:MG contemporary

Word count: 30,000 Query:

When eleven-year-old Mary-Jane “MJ” Lennox’s mother dies and her father is deployed to Korea, she never cries. Not once. Sent to live with her grandmother on the icy tundra of Alaska, she thinks her young life is over, until she discovers an abandoned and forbidden greenhouse. And […]


Genre:Middle Grade Adventure Word Count: 45,000 Query: Thirteen-year-old Matt Muldoon is content spending 7thgrade at Spook Hill Middle School jamming with his best friend Chester Tubbs and working on album art for their non-existent band. That is until Chester surprises Matt and drags him on stage at the Autumn Festival to perform a […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Brenda #7 – FIGHT FOR THE GALAXY

Genre:Middle-grade science fiction adventure Word Count: 48,000


Twelve-year-old Orion Carrera never wanted to save the world, much less the entire solar system. But when the President of the Milky Way shows up at his dad’s auto repair shop, Orion learns his dad has been keeping secrets. Big secrets—like […]

The Writer’s Voice: Team Brenda #8 – NINETEEN MINUTES

Genre: YA Psychological Thriller

Word Count: 63,000


Nineteen minutes. That’s all the time it took for eighteen-year-old Brynn’s life to unravel. Nineteen minutes that left her scarred and three people dead, including Will, her boyfriend. Nineteen minutes she can’t seem to remember.

Now, after nearly a year in a […]