Pitch Wars … the teams!

CPSeek! Before announcing the teams for Pitch Wars, we wanted to tell you about a gift our wonderful mentors are extending to all the awesome writers in our community. It’s a site for hanging out, for finding critique partners and beta readers, and for asking questions about the industry or about writing to the […]

Pitch Wars! … The agents

Are you ready for this? We have 16 incredible agents vying for our Pitch Wars team manuscripts. We’re so excited to see what pitches they fall in love with, and what teams will win the coveted Pitch Wars Most Requested Manuscript title. And, in no particular order, here are the agents…Louise FuryL. Perkins Agency […]

Pitch Wars! … ninja mentors

Before I start, if you are in the NY area, you so have to go to this at Harper Colins Publishers on December 4! YPG December BBL: Not Your Grandmother’s Publishing Experience: An Author’s Path from Self-Pub to Traditional Pub. Louise Fury, agent extraordinaire, will be on the panel with editors from Harper Colins *pulls […]