The Teenaged Nitpick Critique: 1

Biology class, the nucleus of boredom. [Ha! I like this, but it doesn’t work as an opening. It feels more like a location label than an opening sentence. Maybe, instead, say something like: “Whoever called biology class a ‘nucleus of boredom’ is my hero.” Something like this adds nice voice into the equation, […]

The Teenaged Nitpick Critique: 2

Title: FORCED TO FLY Genre: YA Fantasy My talent was about the only thing that made my parents happy. [Nice!] And in my sixteen years [see, I am not a fan of introducing your MC’s age this obviously.] of experience, I had learned their happiness usually ended in my suffering. So when they […]

Pitch Live! … Elevator Pitch Contest/Blogfest

I’m so excited to announce PITCH LIVE! What is it, you ask? It’s a video of your best elevator pitch to an agent. I wanted to give you guys enough time to produce a video of an elevator pitch for your finished novels, so I’m posting this now. We already have a couple […]

Winners for The Teenaged Nitpick event announced!

Yay! We have winners into the critique event with The Teenaged Nitpick. Winners must send the first 250 words of their young adult manuscript to by September 21 at 5PM EDT. If we don’t receive your entry by the allotted time, we will choose a new winner.

If you didn’t make it, […]

Sign up for The Teenaged Nitpick critiques

Do you want to find out what a teen thinks about the opening pages of your young adult (all genres)? Sign up for The Teenaged Nitpick‘s critiques. Not only is The Teenaged Nitpick a teen, he’s a writer and an intern with Pam van Hylckama of Larsen Pomada. To Learn more about John Hansen […]

Get your novellas ready to pitch!

Pitch your novella to my publisher, Month9Books October 1 -7 on my blog.

Month9Books is looking for 15K (12K – 20K range) novellas for their Swoon imprint with a strong romantic element, any genre, any age range (YA, “new adult,” or adult). We’ll be taking five to six sentence pitches in the comments […]

After The Madness Twitter Pitch Party!

We’re hosting a Twitter Pitch Party on Thursday, September 13 from 8AM to 8PM EDT on the hashtag #PitMad.

How do you twitter pitch? You tweet your twitter pitch each time you see an agent on the hashtag. The agents will request the tweets in the feed that catch their attention. Make sure to […]

Pitch Madness. Game on.

It’s been a long week of reading through all the amazing pitches and our wonderful readers–K.T. Hanna, Kat Ellis, Rebecca Coffindaffer, Dee (@writefor apples), Stephanie Diaz, & Summer Heacock–have narrowed the slush, and your game hosts have chosen sixty of the best entries for the game. (Scroll down to view all 15 picks for […]

Pitch Madness Entry B-1: UNDER THE WILLOW

Genre: Middle Grade Mystery

Word count: 51,000 Merry and Cooper investigate an old jewel heist rumored to involve Merry’s uncle and Cooper’s dad. With the convicted thieves now released from prison, Merry and Cooper fight to save their families. All my life I waited for someone to talk about my Uncle Frankie, but […]

Pitch Madness Entry B-2: CAPTIVE ART

Genre:Young Adult, Magical Realism Word Count: 66,000 Libby’s art comes to life, literally. Her painted skies turn from day to night and sometimes her mystery boy will appear. She’s determined to discover who he is, even if it means becoming trapped forever. He vanished. Again. So did the rush of him appearing in […]