Teen Eyes … Can you hook a teen contest!



Three teen editors on three blogs with three prizes. Win!    Submission Post! THE SUBMISSION WINDOW IS CLOSED! COME BACK SOON TO FIND OUT WHO HOOKED A TEEN.     Today, I'm hosting editor, Brent Taylor of TEEN EYES EDITORIAL on my blog for the Can You Hook a Teen? […]

Teen Eyes Editorial Contest … can you hook a teen?

Three teen editors on three blogs with three prizes. Win! Have you ever wondered if your manuscript would hook a teen reader? We all have. So what better way to find out than a contest with the talented teens of TEEN EYES EDITORIAL.

Here’s a bit about the teen editors . . […]

Did you entangle an editor with your pitch? … The Results for the Entangled Publishing pitch event are in!

After working tirelessly critiquing (he still has a few to do), my co-host and editor Adrien-Luc Sanders collected and compiled the request list from the editors participating in the Entangle an Editor with Your Pitch event with Entangled Publishing. I can’t thank him enough for all the work he put in to this, so […]

Entangle an editor with your pitch event … submissions start now!

The contest is now closed. The editors will read through the week and we’ll post the results as soon as all the requests are in. Adrien will critique and reply to your entries. Thank you for participating!

Submissions for the Entangled Pitch contest are now open closed! Please put your entry in the […]

Entangle an editor with your pitch event … submission starts Monday!

Don’t forget to enter your 35-word pitch on Monday, July 16 at 10AM in the comments of the submission post. Go to this post for more information.

Here’s the editors participating and the lines they’re taking pitches for…

Make sure to follow @entangledpub on Twitter! Liz Pelletier (Follow @Liz_Pelletier on Twitter), Publisher: Entangled […]



I’ve had a lot of fun reading and critiquing the entries for THAT DOGGONE VOICE WORKSHOP. The talent and professionalism amazes me. Unfortunately, due to series of unforeseen events, agent Lauren Hammond with ADA Management won’t be able to make it to all your entries to comment on them. But I have […]