Team Brenda #7 – SPARK

Title: SPARK Genre: YA Paranormal Romance Word Count: 61,000 Query: It’s just like seventeen-year-old, Taisie Monahan, to fall flat on her face the first day at her new school in her deceased mother’s hometown. When the popular clique in school accepts her into their group, she goes from zero to hottie in a flash, but […]

Team Brenda #8 – COVETED

Title: COVETED Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Word Count: 81,000 Query: Seventeen-year-old Caleb Dunnelly would rather spend the weekend at home, searching the net for clues about his parents’ disappearance. Which is why his best friend has to trick him into going out every Friday night. The two end up at Confessions, local hotspot, and—apparently—the perfect […]

Team Brenda #9 – TIME BOUND

Title: TIME BOUND Genre: YA Historical Fantasy Word Count: 64,000 Query: Sixteen-year-old Holly Kimura expects her annual visit to her grandmother in Japan to be just another summer of boredom and sushi, until she meets a mysterious local boy, Tamashi. When he saves her from a gang of thugs at the market, Holly jumps […]

Team Brenda #10 – LIGHTSTORM

Title: LIGHTSTORM Genre: Paranormal Romance Word Count: 80,000 Query:

Humanity’s survival lies in the hands of misanthrope Irina, and only her elemental bodyguard, Fontaine, can convince her to save them. When Irina sees a man appear from a puddle of water, she considers checking into the nearest psych ward. Then he tells her that […]

Team Brenda #11 – PLUGGED IN

Title: PLUGGED IN Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Word Count: 72,000 Query: When sixteen-year-old Misty Evans discovers a hidden notebook in her mother’s art room, she’s excited and terrified. Paper is against the law. In the pages of the notebook, Misty finds events leading up to her mother’s disappearance might have something to do with the […]

Introducing Team Brenda …and an agent twitter pitch party

The Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch (Twitter hashtag: #WVTP) You know how much we love you? Well, we have the amazingly sexy, talented agent, John M. Cusick of Scott Treimel NY , and the beautiful, and equally talented agent, Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary Management, throwing a twitter pitch party on the hashtag […]

A Query Sample

link Queries are difficult to master. I decided to post my query as a sample. This is for my upcoming debut novel, LIBRARY JUMPERS (Month9Books 2014). It was bought in a three-book deal at auction. Queries, I find, work best when they are short and enticing. Here it is. I’ve participated in many contests […]

Where I interrupt a major contest to squee about my book deal!

I wanted to take a moment away from The Writers Voice to announce my book deal. (The picture above has nothing to do with my book other than the library thing.) Anyway, quick and sweet, here’s a copy of what it said on Publishers Marketplace last Thursday and in Publishers Lunch tomorrow.

“Brenda […]


The Writer’s Voice – THIRD SUBMISSION ROUND WILL OPEN AT 12PM EDT! Please note that WE’RE ONLY ACCEPTING 25 MORE ENTRIES (STOPPING AT ENTRY #200) IN THE THIRD SUBMISSION WINDOW. We’re closing the widget at 200 entries, so if it goes over 200, WE WILL DELETE THE ADDITIONAL ENTRIES and send a […]

THE WRITERS VOICE – We’re opening a 3rd submission!

Third Submission time added for The Writer’s Voice

Due to an issue while setting up the widget for the evening submission time, we’ve decided to open the widget up to accept 25 more entries into the contest. When running such a large scale contest, something can go wrong. And it did. We […]