Deja Vu Blogfest

DL Hammons at Cruising Altitude 2.0 is holding the Deja Vu Blogfest on his site. So I just had to enter cause I’m lazy like that. I love that all I have to do is re-post something I’ve already posted before.That’s how I roll. Here’s the deets… In his words: Some of my […]

Can We Guess Your Character’s Age? Contest …we have winners and more!!!

It has been a whirlwind of fun on the blog lately, and it’s because of all the fantabulous writers and friends who participated in this blogfest. I just want to say how much you all mean to me! Thanks for all the positive comments and critique love you sent to your fellow writers. Each […]

Can We Guess Your Character’s Age? Contest …Semi-Finalists

We have semi-finalists! Each semi-finalist will have their own post, so scroll down and view each one. Please feel free to comment on the entries’ posts (be nice in your critiques). I have to say that the writing and stories were so fantabulous it was hard to decide. I hope you got enough […]

Semi-finalist #1

Name: Heather Webb The voodoo priestess tossed entrails into the fire. My throat tightened at the stench, and sweat trickled in hidden places beneath my damp, cotton dress. I drew in a smothered breath, laden with ash and rain not yet released. Mosquitoes buzzed. A night heron babbled in the brush. I twisted the sash […]

Semi-finalist #2

Name: Robin Weeks Brina knew better than to go out in public looking less than her questionable best. But she was late, it was rush hour, and home was thirty minutes away by car… but only ten by air. So she dumped her school bag, gym bag, and purse in her best friend […]

Semi-finalist #3

Name: Deborah Pannell Mr. Mooney was in a very bad mood. Driving home from work on the crowded West Side Highway north towards the Henry Hudson Bridge, he heard a funny clacking sound coming from under the hood that sounded suspiciously like the sound he heard the last time he brought the car […]

Semi-finalist #4

Name: Taffy Lovell


Again with the yelling. My sister seriously doesn’t get the idea of sleeping in. Or how mornings should be enjoyed in peace and—

“You said you’d drive today!”


I glance at the digital Mickey clock and groan; I could have slept in twenty more minutes.

I woke all twisted up […]

Semi-finalist #5

Name: Sharon Bayliss

Warren’s mother had taped his old Star Wars comforter over the patio door of their apartment. He didn’t pause too long to wonder why. His mother suffered from what his brother called, “severe eccentricity,” and blacking out the windows with old sheets for no obvious reason wasn’t out of character. All […]

Semi-finalist #6

Name: Lori Freeland

I hated cemeteries.

Which sucked for me, because as of noon today, Restland Memorial Park became my sister’s new permanent address.

The service and burial finished, the last thing to get through was this farce of a reception. At my house, no less. How much longer would I have to stand […]

Semi-finalist #7

Name: R. A. Desilets My father dropped the last bag with a huff and looked over the long winding sidewalk up to the main set of brownstones xxxxxxxxx. “Are you sure you don’t want us to come in with you?” I shook my head. My mother arched her eyebrow. She looked at the measly two […]