Is It Hot In Here Or Is It This Book? … Epic Follower Blogfest

My good friend Shelley Watters over at Is It Hot In Here Or Is It This Book? is hosting an epic follower twitter pitch blogfest/contest. The prize is a full manuscript request from the incredible super agent Suzie Townsend. On April 1 and 2 we’re posting our pitches and hopping around to the other participants’ […]

Birthday Month Giveaway Madness…another giveaway and the party is over… for now

Well, it’s been a fun birthday month for me. I’m humbled and awed by all the wonderful writers in our community. I really enjoyed reading the comments this month and reading all the entries in the SHOW ME THE VOICE contest with the fantabulous agent Natalie Fischer. I have a few more contests in […]

Show Me The Voice Contest . . .We Have Winners!

First off, I want to thank the amazing Natalie Fischer with the Bradford Literary Agency for judging and providing prizes for this great blogfest/contest. Thank you, Natalie! Follow Natalie’s blog (click link below her picture) for great information and fun contests. Plus you’ll want to query her when she’s open for submissions! She’s so nice […]


After a day long event, drinking cup after cup of coffee, my fantabulous judges have picked the twenty semi-finalists. I want to thank J9, C, and Godzilla (that’s my nicknames for them) for their tireless efforts to choose from such stellar entries. Though I had read for the first round, I nominated more than half […]


Name: J. Keller FordTitle: In the Shadow of the Dragon KingGenre: YA Urban Contemporary Fantasy David Heiland chucked the PS3 controller on his bed and scrambled onto the balcony as four F-18 Hornets screamed overhead, disappearing into the sunrise over the Tennessee Mountains. A flock of ducks took to the sky, squawking as if […]


Name: Mike Wordplay Title: The Sisters Ellison and the Case of the Whistling Willies Genre: MG On a lone house set high on a hill, lived two little girls, their names were Emily and Eliza Ellison. Emily the older one, loved reading books about insects, And mummies, And ancient Mayan rituals, And she especially loved […]


Name: Deana BarnhartTitle: RememberedGenre: YA Urban Fantasy The only thing Jonas was completely sure of was that Mackenzie Shae was going to die. As he studied her walking along – practically bouncing – in step to the loud music still playing in the field behind her, he couldn’t help but stare. Not that Mackenzie intrigued […]


Name: Lindsay N. Currie and Patricia Burgess Leaver Title: FATUM Genre: YA Dystopian “I had nothing to do with us losing that game, Keith. We were ahead five-two until you stepped onto the mound.” We’d been having this argument every day for the last week, but here I was again, defending a score […]


Name : Roland D. Yeomans Title : French Quarter Nocturne Genre : Urban Fantasy It rained lies and death today. But some things even Hurricane Katrina couldn’t change. As it had for the past century and a half, the setting sun took its last look on St. Peter’s street as it transformed to […]


Name: Jared LarsonTitle: I’m Here to Save Your DayGenre: MG Adventure/Humor I never lie. Never. I’m all about telling the truth. A long time ago,there was this man named George Washington who told his dad hecouldn’t lie. And then the guy became President of the United States.I’m exactly the same way. If I lived […]