Gearing up for NaNoWriMo…Plan of Attack…The Cliffhanger

Today’s coffee is a skinny White Chocolate Mocha, which is total yum!

First off, I’d like to thank all the participants’ for making my first blogfest such a fun and learning experience for me. It really choked me up to witness so many fabulous writers support each other without agenda. You all are stars! I […]

Cliffhanger Blogfest . . . and the winners are. . .

The winners are . . .

First Place who receives a 10 page manuscript critique AND a synopsis critique OR $50 towards manuscript edits goes to. . .

Rachel Morgan

Two runner ups will receive either a 10 page manuscript OR a synopsis critique OR $25 towards manuscript edits goes to . […]

Semi-finalists for The Never-ending Scene Blogfest (or cliffhanger–whatever)

Voting ends at 6am MST (8am EST) !!!!

Woohoo! It’s been such a thrill! I’ve been blogging, tweeting, dreaming, sleepwalking, and totally driving my family and friends crazy with my obsession over my first ever Blogfest. I wanted it to rock! Every detail implemented to perfection. However, just like planning a wedding, things don’t […]

The Never-ending Scene Blogfest (or cliffhanger–whatever)

The Never-ending Scene Blogfest (or cliffhanger–whatever)

October 25-26 Well, it’s finally here, my first Blogfest. I’m so happy you all decided to participate and I can’t wait to read all the wonderful entries! So, here’s how it works . . . On your blog site, write a new scene or post a scene from your […]

Two Days left before the Cliffhanger Blogfest … A few words about my edits

There is only two days left to sign up to win some fabulous edit prizes so click the picture on the sidebar to join the Never-ending Scene Blogfest (or cliffhanger, whatever). Today’s coffee was a simple out-of-my-own-coffee-pot brand with vanilla creamer. It’s Saturday and everyone is home and we just kind of hang out, […]

NaNoWriMo Prep. – The Project Book

Okay, so coffee this morning is Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. It’s so yummy that I think the cute nerdy guy with the wide grin behind the counter forgot to make it skinny. Anyway, I’m getting a lot of disdainful glances today. Probably because I’m wearing a track suit and everyone else is in […]

First Page Blogfest

Elle Strauss over at Monday Musing is hosting a First Page Blogfest. Go to her site here to check out the other participants’ entries. Elle dusted off an old WIP for this and so have I. So, here it is:

I should’ve ditched. First day of school and I was already late. I scaled the […]

One Lovely Blog Award

I received this wonderful blog award from N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author and from Talei Loto at Musings of an aspiring scribe Thanks to both of you! It’s so sweet when someone thinks your blog is lovely.

Conditions of the award. Post the award on your site and mention the person who gave […]

My interview with CA Marshall – Freelance Editor/Literary Agent Intern/Author Extraordinaire

CA Marshall

So Cassandra, I’ve read that you’re a tea drinker. Earl Grey or Chamomile? Neither. I’m more of the fruity teas type, specifically cherry or blackcurrant. Occasionally I’ll go for green. I’m not much of a fan of brown teas.Blackcurrant? Yum! No seriously, I heard you went to college in England. […]

Hook Line & Sinker Blogfest

Hook Line & Sinker Blogfest

Justin W. Parente is hosting the Hook Line & Sinker Blogfest over on his blog In My Write Mind. Click on the link above to check out all the participants’ entries and friend Justin–his site is awesome! Here’s the challenge in Justin’s words:

“Just to remind you, the theme […]