Emily White over at Stepping into Fantasy is hosting a Fairy Tale Blogfest check it out here and go read all the other participants’ entries: http://steppingintofantasy.blogspot.com/2010/08/fairy-tale-blogfestcontest.html

So when searching for a tale to use for the Fairy Tale Blogfest nothing was inspiring me. I almost decided to give up. I searched and searched and […]

Word Paint Blogfest

Dawn Embers at http://dawnembers.blogspot.com is hosting the Word Paint Blogfest. Check it out and visit the other participants blogs for their entries.

Here’s my entry:

(redacted)Thanks for visiting!

Rainy Day Blogfest

Christine at http://thewritershole.blogspot.com/ is hosting the Rainy Day Blogfest today. Check out the details and read the other participants’ entries listed here http://thewritershole.blogspot.com/2010/08/announcing-rainy-day-blogfest.html or in her own words…

I love rain. I love the way it sounds, the way it smells, the way it makes the air feel, the way it tastes on my […]

Rainy Day Blogfest August 25th

Join in the fun and enter Christine’s Rainy Day Blogfest on August 25th!

Can’t wait to read all the entries!


Guess That Character Blogfest …Revealed

Well, it was a blast reading everyone’s snippets during Guest That Character Blogfest. Thanks to Jenn Daiker for hosting such a great Blogfest. Visit her website here: http://jennifer-daiker.blogspot.com/

So here’s what my main character from LIBRARY JUMPERS looks like. (redacted)

Stats:Name: Gianna (Gia) KearnsAge: 17Ethnicity: Italian/Irish (she takes after her Italian mother)Hair color: BrownEye color: […]

Guess That Character Blogfest


Here is a snippet of my novel LIBRARY JUMPERS. Can you guess what Gia looks like? SNIPPET


Come back tomorrow to see a picture of what Gia looks like and see if you guessed right!

And . . . my brain is officially larger

Well, I didn’t really have time for yummy coffee today, since I was at my literary group meeting this morning. The coffee was a little weak, which means it was strong for everyone else. From Tuesday through Thursday, I did nothing but attend the online WriteOnCon, which was totally awesome. There were agents, editors, and […]

If you’re not a writer . . . you just don’t understand

I think I’ve been pretty grumpy lately, and it’s caused by the fact that I have to drink Skinny Sugar-free No-fun Carmel Lattes. Okay, they’re kind of growing on me but still, I think a splurge is in order, so today it’s a full-blown-with-all-the-sin Carmel Macchiato. Yummy.

When friends and family ask, “How do you […]

Roni & Julie’s Totally Epic Summer Contest!

Attention Writers! What a great contest over at Fiction Groupies. LOVE free critiques! http://fictiongroupie.blogspot.com/