Profanity . . . it’s what’s for the lunch room

Recently, I had the opportunity to help cook for an appreciation luncheon at the nearby high school. At the same time as the luncheon, there were kids helping with some painting and renovations of the band room on the other side of the building. In small groups, the kids would pass me as they went […]

A Lifetime of Emotions . . . for our characters.

Today, my son’s birthday, I’ve been reflecting all morning about the miracles that touch us through our lifetimes. My son was diagnosed with cancer four days after his fifth birthday. At the time, it felt like a tragedy and that our lives would never be normal again. Looking back at it now, with my son […]

Formula . . . The Bones of Your Story

Okay, well, coffee will never be the same again *shudders*. This morning’s coffee is Starbuck’s skinny, sugar free, caramel latte. I might as well be sipping air, in my opinion (can you say diet–I wish I didn’t have to). Anyway, my husband is always mocking the movies us girls watch. He ‘ll say stuff like […]