I Feel Like the Six Million Dollar Man or Bionic Woman (whichever had the bionic eye)

Okay, today I went to Starbucks with my walking buddy and had a skinny Carmel latte (yummy).

First off, I want to thank my wonderful niece, Kayla, for guest blogging last week.

We can rebuild him, we have the technology . . . (from Six Million Dollar Man intro). That’s how I feel about […]

I Can See Clearly Now . . .

Mentoring by Guest Blogger Kayla Ashmore

Well, I don’t drink coffee because I’m only fifteen, but my Auntie Brenda is lounging nearby and sipping her first cup of coffee in a week. It’s her usual Starbuck’s with French vanilla she says. She asked me to do a blog entry for her today and also to answer her emails. Auntie had PRK […]