New Year’s Resolution — NOT!

Today’s coffee is Starbuck’s Christmas blend, which my son gave my husband and I for Christmas. Of course, I’ve added lots of creamer (which I can’t stop doing). The thought of which makes me think of New Year’s resolutions.

Every year I’ve tried to make a New Year’s resolution, but have failed in my attempts […]

Gone too young

Coffee doesn’t taste so good today. I’m not sure how to write today, I guess just from my heart. Yesterday, a friend of my son’s died from an overdose. Just last summer another one had succumbed to drugs as well. I think of these boys in younger days–running around and riding skateboards–fresh faced, awkward, and […]

It’s too Bleeping Cold!

Okay, seriously, it’s like twelve degrees out this morning, and I’m not leaving the house, so I’m having a home brewed cup of Starbuck’s coffee with French vanilla creamer. It actually snowed yesterday in Albuquerque. I love and miss the snow, I would have run out and rolled around in it, but I didn’t […]