Characters vs. Plot

They say great themes make great novels. But what these young writers don’t understand is that there is no greater theme than men and women. ~John O’Hara It’s Friday morning, the turkey has been turned into bones, the stuffing has stuffed the belly, and the slices of pie have widened the hips, and I sit […]

New Moon

Okay, It’s not Friday morning, I missed posting something for good reason. I did have a skinny carmel latte on Friday, though. It was yummy! I have only three words to say about the delay–New Moon hangover. Yes, I had to go. My girls took up almost an entire row. I almost switched from Team […]

Word Slaughter

This week I murdered close to three thousand useless words from my current novel (they begged me not to as they clung to the pages for dear life). I ignored the little buggers and with a quick stab at the delete key, cut them all. What did I end up with, you ask? Two […]