11/29 WINNER!

PitchWars Snowball

You guys are terribly confusing. I like easy choices; it’s too hard to pick between all of you. So today, tomorrow, and Sunday will have at least two winners! (Also, I don’t want to write my infectious disease paper. Doing crits is one of my favorite procrastination techniques.)

And now, without further ado . . . today’s winners are . . .


Talynn Lynn and Mande’!

@TalynnL and @Darle78


Congrats!!! I will DM you the details shortly! And for the rest of you, please keep tweeting ! If I favorited your tweet, you are definitely doing something right! I will be keeping an eye on you and looking for your tweets this week on the spreadsheet of doom, I promise! You still have two more chances to win, and I WILL be doing multiple winners per day!

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